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Welcome to the Home of Pro Auto Rubber

Home to the Groundbreaking Sealing Solutions Specialists

Pro Auto Rubber Manufacturing are the local specialists in the supply and manufacturing of rubber extrusions and moldings that are used predominantly in the automotive sectors, however we also supply to mining and industrial industries as well. We offer a wide range and forms of rubber products produced from different compounds available in the market; products such as rubber extrusions, moldings, rubber grommets, flocking profiles, rubber insertions, co-extruded rubber profiles, hoses, rubber and seal kits for various vehicles.  

To further service our clients with quality and prestige we are always upgrading our range of products and ensuring we are up to date with new technology as well as worldwide trends.

We are proud to currently be the second tier supplier of imported goods to Ford Motor Company as well as General Motors South Africa. Our dream goal is to become the top tier supplier to all OEM’s in South Africa.

The heartbeat of Pro Auto Rubber is our Mission where we aim to operate the best OEM standard facility and produce locally only world class products for canopies, trailers, trucks, cars, bus bodies, containers, ships and buildings.

We maintain that: “To our customers we will be that preferred supplier who offers complete sealing solutions”